I finally feel that I am getting the hang of ‘colouring’ faces properly. For the longest time a decent skin tone or hue just baffled me. No matter what I did, it was hit and miss. When I felt that it worked, I couldn’t understand why and when I felt that it didn’t, I was no more the wiser.

Lately I have begun colouring faces by laying down a sort of mustard yellow, and then building up pinks and whites with pencil over the top – So far, this combination is moving me further down the road toward what I find pleasing.

Being an artist is being ‘a work in progress’. Not so much about the outcome but the ability to try and try again, make loads of little errors and embrace it all with a spirit of understanding and co-operation. When I look to other artists that are well established at a level that I aspire to, I remember that they all probably started out their journey with a basic talent and desire that probably didn’t look much different to mine. That’s an encouraging way for me to look at it. 🙂
Here is a simple but beautiful drawing/painting of an Angel. Inspired by the coming Christmas season.
ANGEL full res signiature

here is a link to some other heads and faces that I’ve done over the years. https://manysparrowsart.wordpress.com/2013/11/11/heads-and-faces/

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