manysparrows manyhorses…..

I wonder sometimes if it’s worth sharing the little pieces that I’m not so happy about. Forays into variations on a theme, adjustments and trial runs. Most often I decide to but each time feels the same; I’m a little hesitant, a little unsure…..
On the flip side I am surprised to find that I can appreciate a piece though someone else’s appreciation of it.
More evidence that we need each other…1-leaping horse ornate 001

4 thoughts on “manysparrows manyhorses…..

  1. Beverly says:

    Even an artist who has created what THEY feel is their best work ever is hesitant to put it out there. Please never doubt your talent, Eleasah. Keep on sharing..everything your heart desires. xo


  2. hitandrun1964 says:

    It’s lovely and believe me, if I waited to like something I did, before I posted it, I would NOT be blogging. I would have nothing at all to post.:) I’m always surprised and even amazed at what people see or like, in the things I do. I usually just want to throw everything away.


    • manysparrows says:

      yes! exactly, thank you!. that’s why I’m so grateful that I get to go through the little struggles, put stuff out there anyway and experience that process in a more relaxed and earthy way – instead of trying to umpire my own fears and worrisome thoughts by myself. It’s a great relief to feel at home in places of discomfort that were merely uncomfortable due to being ‘by myself’ – ultimately, this teaches me how to really be ‘by myself’ with my art, in a way that makes sense to me too.


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