The amazing grace of DIGITAL ART….

I was creatively blocked for around 15 years – (give or take a life)…But something happened in the ‘murky depth of the psyc’ that opened it all back up – Well, this was wonderful and scary too. What happened to all those years that I could have been getting better and better at drawing..?? Notice that completely useless and gawd-awful thought?


Well, here came the rescuer – WACOM! (and other various art programs) I started to discover and play with the digital worlds tools. In the space of about 2 years I was already creating works that soothed my inner fear monger 🙂 You see, It works for me so well because the nut case creative kid inside is super fast and bouncy with ideas…I can start one way and end up on the other side of the thought planet, without a clue as to what actually happened……………..Digital drawing allows me to keep up!! Not only that but every stage, sketch and edit is preserved – This means I don’t have to stop and check constantly as to whether or not I am wasting my time…..All I have to do, is block out the existence of humanity, and hand my faculties over to the crazy lil loon inside and I’m pretty much guaranteed to have something or other that I like or that triggers off another round 🙂


Here are some things I have been playing with – believe it or not, The idea started with ‘alice in wonderland’ then went to drawing all the characters, then the ‘red queen’ and finally some sort of mer- person who is certainly not a maid..
Eleasah x

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