Topless chicks with tails.


A sad mermaid sampler
lets just have a lil glance at the general standard of the mythic mermaid – as I stated before, they are merely topless chick with tails.
URGH………….. Behold, the glory! – its gawd awful.1-mermaid drawing   Google Search

*go to google image search , type mermaid drawings. OR I have prepared this long line of gibberish that might work if you click it.

I included the word ‘drawings’ with the search due to the ‘porno mermaids’ in the standard cache.

SIDE NOTE* Here is a little disclaimer – I am in no way putting down Peoples ART nor do I compare my art with ‘their’ art. I am only referring to the generic image we all have when we think of mermaids; Including Disney’s delightful donation of Ariel….singing on a rock. Even as an adult, images of Ariel make me shudder in my inadequate, aging, human suit.
I try…

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