The persistence of Joy



I have a full heart today, so full that I’m wiggling in my seat. It is remarkable to feel the joy of a carnival or something akin to the spirit of a loved one, ‘Coming home’. Those emotions are the crossing of time and eternity; in all our lives. That is why they always possess an immediacy and presence no matter how long ago they were experienced. This is exactly what’s happening, on the side of hope and joy and truth – I was finally able to draw a picture that has only ever lived internally.
I can see it now !!!
The title of this piece is ‘The other side of sadness’ – It represents the truth that is contained in the well-known phrase – “If your past was different, then you would not be who you are today.”
For me, that phrase was true but I couldn’t feel it or affirm it inside;  I felt outside of the potency that it suggests.  Hearing it said was like showing me a beautiful meal that I could not eat, at the same time as knowing I was deeply starved. 
Not any more – This is what that saying looks like –  a picture of the wonder,beauty and spirit that exists for so many on ‘The other side of sadness’     – I am full!!


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