Outsid-err? Art

For a while now, I have been intrigued by the many forms of ‘Outsider Art’ that I’ve poured over online….I won’t go into explanations though as I most probably would describe my own sentimental responses to the genre instead of the terms actual meaning, but that is why there is a google! 🙂 So forgive me while I casually throw unaccompanied references around, willy-nilly.
It’s much more fun gawking and ‘pinning’ and then knocking up a semi excuse for another blog post instead of attempting to present the incredibly rich subject properly. (worth your own peeking around on the web)
So, I’ll cut to the chase and confess that I’ve been plotting to release my sort of inner ‘shout-out’ to an ‘outsider’ self, in the form of progressive doodling – But I’m not going to disappear into the dark side, ‘outside’  You see I am already a little bit native, I  just tend to keep those things to the side when it comes to posting online.
….. Actually, maybe I could add captions……………?
For some reason, when I draw something ‘different’, it seems to be made more relatable by the tiny addition of a quip or two……..mmm. Here are some sketches that I hope to progressively develop.
They are terribly fun.
140713_232958 140715_071923 140715_080025 140715_075927.png 140714_220303 image_2014-05-23_233616 1405335435232

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