Who? What ? When? Why?….. but we know how.

The impressions.
Does it matter to you ‘how’ your own creative work is percieved by other people?
Lets see……
What are your impressions when you view the image below?


It always boggles me how incredibly varied reactions are, not only that but the intensity of the convictions that are often associated….But here’s the thing, I could probably count on one hand the times that I have been asked to ‘explain’ an image….Does that surprise you? Well, it never fails to surprise me esspecially for a potentially emotive type of image

The above image is a simple case in point….what do you see? Feel? Imagine? etc
And here is the actual story:-

This sulky fellow above is obviously a sort of jester
And is rather crest fallen as he has lost his job to a pair of young acrobatic twins!
He is sullen and sniffley, whiny and wingy,
having a very introspective sulk about how dreadful everything is!
He was oh so clever
for such a long time,
Holding a prized place at court that he felt he truly deserved….oh dear
Now he must go home to his mother


3 thoughts on “Who? What ? When? Why?….. but we know how.

  1. hitandrun1964 says:

    LOL I wasn’t even close. I see a beautifully dressed young woman, concentrating on something she’s not looking forward to doing. She just had an expensive lunch with her friends and is now going to break up with her lover of two years. She’s bored and wants to move to Paris and start over. Her art is her life and he is taking up too much of her time. She’s married to her work and likes to be alone. There’s no room for him. She wants freedom.

    I have the same thing happen to me. I’m always surprised by what people see in the things I draw. ๐Ÿ™‚ This was fun. Thank you.


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