GO-ne-MA Gallery

Totally lost my left hemisphere in the beautiful lines of the Brisbane gallery of ‘modern art’.
Purchased two Schleich horses

and three journals while stalking the gift shops for ideas.

Three ideas will have to do for today :- a book shelf for displaying journals, mindfulness building pages
and childrens blocks made out of card board, covered in patterned paper.
Not a lot to say re the exhibition…..the building was better to be honest though I loved a few things that I saw in an extra special way.


Lately I have felt deeply disturbed by very simple things…troubled..Yet I chose to stay in the raw honesty of it and feel what its like to be desperately needy and completely inept and as self centred as anyone….I didn’t like it.

I felt angry and needed to dig deeper to see for my own sake what it means to be indifferent..what does it look like really?

Who pays the silent bill and will it even amount to something of worth to posture and pretend….?

I can honestly say that I have grown extremely sick of indifference but most of all, I have been disgusted and horrified to find that some of my own companions have begun to store garbage inside graces that once were mutually shared and respected. I cannot possibly express how deeply grieved and disgusted I feel.

Tell me, when do you know if a friend has turned into a judge? The first sign is your own trust becomes a catalyst to further fuel the others sense of entitlement; leading to a constant gnawing inner unrest….it’s has been so insideous that it has caused me to second guess my own intention for years, yet no matter which way I tried to find resolve, it seemed that I became an play thing to prop up another’s lofty ego.

In life it is easier to set a boundary against an improper relationship; but what about Trespassers of the heart? Trespassers of family and time and others lives?
Even though I can learn things that are difficult and adjust and seek to remedy situations, there are far too often innocent voices and other lives smack bang in the middle…..Adults may presume that they can divide their spoils without recriminations; but to not stop and look at the suffering of others that have NO VOICE while white washing some inner monument to self is sadly easy enough to lull the whole world to sleep…

I feel ashamed of my own concience that I may morally benefit by even realising such things. But one thing that stands firm is that humanity is what I am a part of and so therefore I may still chose to honour the little light I have by doing something….especially a tiny tiny something thats not even worth remembering. This my friends, is Faith.

The soft side of sadness.

There are sad things
Everywhere you look,

Under covers,
Inside others,

In a smile,
In a look…

But sadness can be gentle
Like a memory
Or a time

Even after
Losing light

Tears still sparkle…..
And eyes still shine….

Which is better?
We may ask,
Which is best ,
For one to do?

Its not like that
So look within
To learn again
That you are you.

Let it be
breathe and see
This life is yours
And Grace is free.


May as well be honest….


Life is a saga right? I mean it just
is! Whether you’re this side of things or that side, whether you ‘know’ deep truths via experience or have become convinced intellectually, it really makes no difference;
We are all still undone and bewildered by good things, all the time.

Take the above picture for example, this is an illustration of the ongoing experience of realizing “God” likes me………a lot

I’ve finally quit trying to explain that surely I am being mistaken for someone else??

though I yearn for wonderful things in life like we all do, im so, so awkward in the experience of it.

Thought I’d draw a silly sketch of me in this wierd condition. Hope it makes you smile x

Oh good thinking!

Rather than wait for the right time for fun,
I have purposely chosen
The wrong time;
Don’t you think that’s a very good idea? I do.


I wonder what this cat is hiding....

I have my ducks of a bad day all in a tidy row,
Tucked into three miss-matched critters.
I had to find some way around myself so that later I would have art work with the bad days date; Hence the green cat
It’s perfect really, odd enough to disguise anything!!
So here you go……. the first of the ‘ducks.’
-Manysparrows x