Who? What ? When? Why?….. but we know how.

The impressions.
Does it matter to you ‘how’ your own creative work is percieved by other people?
Lets see……
What are your impressions when you view the image below?


It always boggles me how incredibly varied reactions are, not only that but the intensity of the convictions that are often associated….But here’s the thing, I could probably count on one hand the times that I have been asked to ‘explain’ an image….Does that surprise you? Well, it never fails to surprise me esspecially for a potentially emotive type of image

The above image is a simple case in point….what do you see? Feel? Imagine? etc
And here is the actual story:-

This sulky fellow above is obviously a sort of jester
And is rather crest fallen as he has lost his job to a pair of young acrobatic twins!
He is sullen and sniffley, whiny and wingy,
having a very introspective sulk about how dreadful everything is!
He was oh so clever
for such a long time,
Holding a prized place at court that he felt he truly deserved….oh dear
Now he must go home to his mother


Outsid-err? Art

For a while now, I have been intrigued by the many forms of ‘Outsider Art’ that I’ve poured over online….I won’t go into explanations though as I most probably would describe my own sentimental responses to the genre instead of the terms actual meaning, but that is why there is a google! 🙂 So forgive me while I casually throw unaccompanied references around, willy-nilly.
It’s much more fun gawking and ‘pinning’ and then knocking up a semi excuse for another blog post instead of attempting to present the incredibly rich subject properly. (worth your own peeking around on the web)
So, I’ll cut to the chase and confess that I’ve been plotting to release my sort of inner ‘shout-out’ to an ‘outsider’ self, in the form of progressive doodling – But I’m not going to disappear into the dark side, ‘outside’  You see I am already a little bit native, I  just tend to keep those things to the side when it comes to posting online.
….. Actually, maybe I could add captions……………?
For some reason, when I draw something ‘different’, it seems to be made more relatable by the tiny addition of a quip or two……..mmm. Here are some sketches that I hope to progressively develop.
They are terribly fun.
140713_232958 140715_071923 140715_080025 140715_075927.png 140714_220303 image_2014-05-23_233616 1405335435232



My own dear Teen has taken it upon himself to find a ‘car’ that I would want more than the modern Mini – Good luck says I! Well, the back story is not so interesting, I don’t like cars; I don’t like cars like I don’t like televised sport…just the typical obvious fact that I so don’t relate and couldn’t care less why.

But my own dear Teen is rather clever and he likes to approach things creatively with a ‘bet’. Twice already he has won hands down and bemoans the fact that he should have actually bet something.

Minecraft? As if!! But yeah, I lost the bet…After 20 minutes I was changed and played nonstop for maybe 12 weeks….It was the first time any video game has ever affected me in the similar style of ‘gamers’ – how novel; except it wore off, or I just burnt myself out.

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The persistence of Joy



I have a full heart today, so full that I’m wiggling in my seat. It is remarkable to feel the joy of a carnival or something akin to the spirit of a loved one, ‘Coming home’. Those emotions are the crossing of time and eternity; in all our lives. That is why they always possess an immediacy and presence no matter how long ago they were experienced. This is exactly what’s happening, on the side of hope and joy and truth – I was finally able to draw a picture that has only ever lived internally.
I can see it now !!!
The title of this piece is ‘The other side of sadness’ – It represents the truth that is contained in the well-known phrase – “If your past was different, then you would not be who you are today.”
For me, that phrase was true but I couldn’t feel it or affirm it inside;  I felt outside of the potency that it suggests.  Hearing it said was like showing me a beautiful meal that I could not eat, at the same time as knowing I was deeply starved. 
Not any more – This is what that saying looks like –  a picture of the wonder,beauty and spirit that exists for so many on ‘The other side of sadness’     – I am full!!


Topless chicks with tails.


A sad mermaid sampler
lets just have a lil glance at the general standard of the mythic mermaid – as I stated before, they are merely topless chick with tails.
URGH………….. Behold, the glory! – its gawd awful.1-mermaid drawing   Google Search

*go to google image search , type mermaid drawings. OR I have prepared this long line of gibberish that might work if you click it.   https://www.google.com.au/search?q=mermaid&newwindow=1&safe=active&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=CDh9U5OYBMiB8gXJsYCgAw&ved=0CAgQ_AUoAQ&biw=1706&bih=917&dpr=0.75#newwindow=1&q=mermaid+drawing&safe=active&tbm=isch

I included the word ‘drawings’ with the search due to the ‘porno mermaids’ in the standard cache.

SIDE NOTE* Here is a little disclaimer – I am in no way putting down Peoples ART nor do I compare my art with ‘their’ art. I am only referring to the generic image we all have when we think of mermaids; Including Disney’s delightful donation of Ariel….singing on a rock. Even as an adult, images of Ariel make me shudder in my inadequate, aging, human suit.
I try…

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The amazing grace of DIGITAL ART….

I was creatively blocked for around 15 years – (give or take a life)…But something happened in the ‘murky depth of the psyc’ that opened it all back up – Well, this was wonderful and scary too. What happened to all those years that I could have been getting better and better at drawing..?? Notice that completely useless and gawd-awful thought?


Well, here came the rescuer – WACOM! (and other various art programs) I started to discover and play with the digital worlds tools. In the space of about 2 years I was already creating works that soothed my inner fear monger 🙂 You see, It works for me so well because the nut case creative kid inside is super fast and bouncy with ideas…I can start one way and end up on the other side of the thought planet, without a clue as to what actually happened……………..Digital drawing allows me to keep up!! Not only that but every stage, sketch and edit is preserved – This means I don’t have to stop and check constantly as to whether or not I am wasting my time…..All I have to do, is block out the existence of humanity, and hand my faculties over to the crazy lil loon inside and I’m pretty much guaranteed to have something or other that I like or that triggers off another round 🙂


Here are some things I have been playing with – believe it or not, The idea started with ‘alice in wonderland’ then went to drawing all the characters, then the ‘red queen’ and finally some sort of mer- person who is certainly not a maid..
Eleasah x

words? woe? or whim?

Not a day at all for proper expectations;

well at least not ‘proper’ according to convention.

Every letter I wrote rambled off into poetry,

Each poem started out ‘light and fluffy’

but managed to end with a millstone, a neck and an ocean…………….

Yet a manic creative ‘thing’ persisted.

I assumed I’d have a piece and a place to put it…………but the place finally outdid the piece. xx enjoy

spray bot

scratch the itch..

Difficult week overall – coming to terms with things in the ‘inner-sphere’ – big things, MASSIVE even….What to do? Well, draw, draw, draw, write, write, write…..then  rest. Prepare for the next wave, big breath! going under!!……draw, draw, draw, write, write, write.

08-download (1)

little selves are prone to worry…






04-download (13)

So draw them a pet dragon..


02-download (9)

Two pets are best; so draw a rabbit also; They fall asleep under trees during races, so here’s one for when you need to go and snooze under a tree.

03-download (10)

Wherever you find a lady who is eccentric and happy, you can consult with her when the need strikes.